The Arran-Elderslie Youth Council December 2020

By Fianna McKnight

This month holds many exciting opportunities for Arran Elderslie! With the holidays on the horizon, the Youth Council made it our goal to raise the jolly spirit in our communities. Thus, we are so proud to announce our newest initiative: The Arran-Elderslie Festival of Lights! You can participate from the comfort of your own home by decking out your house with lights and other creative decoration. Share photos of your wonderful decorations with us on Instagram with the hashtag #AEfestivaloflights for a chance to win our prize draw, kindly sponsored by numerous businesses around Arran-Elderslie. As well, consider submitting photos of your decorations to our google form (scan the attached QR code here or on our Instagram) to be added to our virtual tour of the Festival of Lights! Once the map is uploaded, take your family on a nice evening drive and enjoy the wonderful decorations with our virtual tour. Submitting here will also give you another entry into our prize draw. For further information, stay tuned on our Instagram @arranelderslieyouth and our Facebook, Arran Elderslie Youth. 

If you’ve never used a QR code before, fear not– it’s super simple! Use a smartphone camera or QR code scanner app (there’s lots available on the App Store) and point it at the code. It should automatically open the link for you and you can fill in the form there!

A new initiative the Youth Council is happy to help promote is the Guitar Lending Program in affiliation with the Paisley Blues Festival. Youth in Arran-Elderslie are now able to sign out a Fender electric guitar and amp for three whole months, FREE! Upon signing out a guitar and amp, youth also receive free access to three months of the Fender Play tool to help them learn the basics of guitar. A wonderful opportunity, learning guitar increases discipline, dexterity, concentration and attention span– really, it’s a package deal. The next lending period begins in January, so if this is something you’re interested in, be sure to make note of it now. More info can be sought out on their Instagram @paisleybluesfestival, and you can register to rent out a guitar at Be sure to check them out and make use of this amazing opportunity to try out a new instrument– without the financial commitment!

Don’t forget to stay tuned on social media to find out about the next Youth Hangout, where you can come tune in on Zoom and participate in some fun activities led by members of the Youth Council! They occur biweekly and activities differ time to time, so check in and find out what’s up next! 

We have some wonderful events for you to participate in this holiday season, and we’re very excited to share what’s in the works for the new year. Keep an eye out for lots of new things coming your way!

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