Welcome to our Book Recommendations page! One of our valued partners in the community is the Bruce County Library– with branches in all three towns, they are a wonderful asset to the municipality and have numerous programs for youth that we love to promote. On this page you’ll find book recommendations from our most avid readers on the council and team! All of the books listed here can be found at the Bruce County Library through the buttons attached.

Fianna’s Recommendation

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

By Hank Green

I like this book because of the easy, humorous narration of the main character alongside insight about heavier topics. The main character is a bisexual woman which provides awesome,much-needed representation. Hank Green does a wonderful job tying real issues surrounding media coverage, the toxicity of public attention and the realistic reactions of a young person together into a riveting experience. The book follows April May, her girlfriend Maya and best friend Andy as they come into the public eye after discovering a towering monolith seemingly sent by aliens. Crazy adventures, bizarre occurrences and real human connections ensue. I couldn’t put it down, and I’m sure I’ll be rereading it soon! The sequel, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavour, is also out if you enjoyed the first.

*Content includes violence, death, mild homophobia*

Sandra’s Recommendation

Anne of Green Gables

By L.M Montgomery

When I thought about what my favourite book was when I was young this book came immediately to mind.  During the summer that I was 14, I read it in one big gulp while on a family road trip to the East Coast.  When we were in P.E.I. we saw the musical Anne of Green Gables.  I bawled my eyes out after the performance (I loved the character Matthew Cuthbert, the shy, kind-hearted gentleman who along with his sister Marilla, adopted Anne), then bought the book in the theatre gift shop.  I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of beautiful scenery out the car window on the rest of that trip.  My nose was buried in this book about Anne with an ‘e’, a plucky, bright, headstrong girl with an extraordinary imagination and bright red hair.  The novel follows her as she grows through hilarious misadventure, seemingly insurmountable setbacks, heartbreak (have a tissue handy), and rewarding achievements. Anne’s resilience and perseverance, and how she always lived with gratitude, continue to be an inspiration to me.

Erika’s Recommendation

Girl Against The Universe

By Paula Stokes

I like this book because of the progression the main character shows throughout the book in her mental health. Struggling with a streak of bad luck that has followed her around resulting in PTSD and Anxiety she learns how to cope with it and grow. With a twist of young love this is a great book for someone who likes to be waiting in suspense as they flip the pages. 

*Content Includes Talk of Mental Illness and Romance*

Alan’s Recommendation


By Mary Oliver

Any poetry by Mary Oliver.  In the Bruce County Library, the poetry books available are A Thousand Mornings and Felicity.  Oliver’s poetry is insightful and inspiring.

Ruby’s Recommendation

A Handful Of Time

By Kit Pearson

I like this book because it is a story about a girl who escapes into another world and away from one that she does want to be in.  It comes in as a super engaging story and stays that way all through. The way Kit Pearson adds the details is astonishing.  

Alan’s Recommendation

The Gifts of Imperfection

By Brene Brown

Non-fiction.  Great book for personal growth and developing self-awareness.

Sandra’s Recommendation

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen

Or any novel by Jane Austen, for that matter…) I love the wonderfully drawn female characters in Jane Austen novels.  Despite a restrictive patriarchal culture, Austen’s women are strong, independent, brave, resolute.  They are also imperfect, willing to learn and grow.  In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is funny, smart, and bold. Her exchanges with the proud Mr. Darcy are deliciously sarcastic and yet perceptive. Despite her love for her family, she did not give up her individuality to do her parents’ wishes.  Refusing to get married unless for love in the 1800s required a lot of courage and independence. Again, another female character from whom I draw inspiration!  Here’s a suggestion, one that I found very satisfying, borrow an audiobook and listen to Austen’s novels.  I particularly recommend this if you find Austen’s writing inaccessible, due to the fact her novels were written over 200 years ago.

Alex’s Recommendation

The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian

By Sherman Alexie

I like this book because it is a humorous and easy read. It also incorporates an abundance of varying themes and messages that were important for me to recognize, as well as learn, as I read this book multiple times throughout my adolescent life. This book is a great read for youth and adults alike with new things to learn every time you pick it up. Highlighted themes in this book are censorship and the historic trauma of the Spokane Indians. Both themes can be expanded and applied to the current and past treatment of Indigenous peoples within Canada.

Alan’s Recommendation

Message in a Bottle

By Nicholas Sparks

A great romantic novel about different relationships.

Erika’s Recommendation

Red Queen

By Victoria Aveyard

I like this book because it is about a world where people are separated by the type of blood they have (red or silver) when a girl gets mixed up on the wrong side of things and turns it into a chance to fight for equality between the two bloods. It is a book that is full of adventure, suspense and love. This book is a great read for 13 year olds and up.

*Content Includes Violence*